Core Aeration & Overseeding

Superior Lawn has the equipment and proper experience to aerate your lawn and jump start its growth. We believe in using the more effective core aeration technique instead of the spiking technique. If your lawn is suffering from soil compaction or excessive thatch build up then aeration of your yard can help.

Many homeowners request this service annually and believe it is one of the secrets to the overall health and beauty of their lawns. This service is very typical for yards with cool season grasses such as fescue. If you believe your yard can benefit from this type of service then contact us to learn more.

Post-Planting Care

Grass seed requires consistent moisture for germination and establishment how to properly water your Fescue seed to germination stage in 10-14 days. Proper watering is critical to seed success. Irrigate newly seeded areas frequently, so the top 1 inch of soil remains moist. This will require 3-4 short watering’s per day. Set rotors on 8-9 minutes and pop-up spray heads 3-4 minutes. Pop-up Spray heads do not turn so their watering cycle is shorter. The Rotor Heads need to go longer due to the turning of the head and rotating back to the seeded areas.

When seedlings are up and growing, lengthen the time between watering’s. Water deeper and less often, until you gradually reach your norm for established lawns. Let new Talladega Tall Fescue grow about 4 1/2 inches tall before you mow it. As with all lawn grasses, only remove one-third of the leaf blade at a time. Mow as needed to maintain a recommended height of 3 to 4 inches. Avoid all weed control products until you have mowed your new lawn at least three times.

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Thank you so much for the years of outstanding service. My yard is always one of the best in the neighborhood thanks to you. Your employees are very professional in their work and are very reliable.

Steve Area

I was referred to Superior Lawn by my friend with a beautiful yard and I contacted them late into June. I was amazed at how my lawn came back to life and continued to flourish.

Matt McCord

I want to thank you for the personal service and attention you have provided. You have accomplished in only a few months what your competitors couldn’t do in over a year. Your company outshines the rest.

Ronald Mondell

We have been a customer of Superior Lawn Maintenance since 1999. They have transformed our yard into a beautiful lush green, weed-free lawn. We rank this company as #1 in service and quality.

C.F. Childers

Not ever having contact with your service men, I was at home on the day they reseeded my front lawn. I must say the guys work hard and are very customer friendly and courteous.

Chuck Strong