Spring & Fall Cleaning

Has your property suffered from a recent weather event and is need of a serious cleaning?  Are you trying to restore the natural beauty of a property for which deferred maintenance has been allowed to take over?  Superior Lawn can help you with any type of clean up service that your property requires.  Typically spring and fall weather in Oklahoma can inflict a lot of yard damage in a short amount of time.  Don’t let work of cleaning up your lawn overwhelm your weekend plans, contact Superior Lawn and let us bring your yard back to good condition quickly and effectively.

What is included with Spring & Fall Cleaning Service


  • Blow leaves and other debris from gutters, flower beds, and lawn
  • Pick up dead tree limbs or other debris from trees such as acorns
  • Trim any overgrown shrubs
  • Proper disposal of all debris that has been cleaned from property


Why you need Spring & Fall Cleaning Service


  • Restore any property to normal condition after any kind of weather event or deferred maintenance
  • Any lawn maintenance job is no problem, we do it all
  • We can provide free estimates for any combination of required service