Mowing & Lawn Care

Superior Mowing Service

If your property requires extensive mowing and lawn care services, then Superior Lawn’s Mowing & Lawn Care is the right service for you.  We offer regularly scheduled professional mowing services and you can count on same day of the week service from Superior Lawn.  We have all the right equipment for every unique job.  When combined with our weed control & fertilization services you can count on our services complementing each other for worry-free lawn maintenance.

What is included with Mowing & Lawn Care Service


  • Professional mowing, weed eating, and edging
  • Grass clippings will be mulched or hauled away
  • Clean up of grass and debris from concrete areas using blower


Why you need Mowing & Lawn Care Service


  • We only use professional grade Toro mowers
  • We have mowers of all shapes and sizes and use the proper equipment for each job
  • Our mower blades are professionally sharpened on a weekly basis to ensure a healthy cut lawn
  • We will mow your yard the same day every week, as long as weather permits
  • We will mow your grass in different directions each visit to encourage an even growth pattern
  • The height of the cut will be raised as summer heat increases to optimize grass health