Leaf Removal

If you’ve got leaves building up on top of your lawn, have Superior Lawn come remove them with our Leaf Removal services.  We have the equipment and experience to take care of leaf build up quickly and effectively.  It is very important to keep leaves from covering your grass areas if you want to keep your lawn looking healthy.  Don’t let the leaf falling season keep you from enjoying your yard for a minute longer.  Contact Superior Lawn and ask for our Leaf Removal services.

What is included with Leaf Removal Service


  • We will blow all leaves from every corner of the property into piles on top of our tarps
  • The tarps are used to take the piles of leaves to the leaf loader for the truck
  • We will load and haul all your leaves away and dispose of them properly
  • We use only the best commercial grade Shindaiwa blowers


Why you need Leaf Removal Service


  • We can handle the heaviest of leaf removal jobs due to our superior equipment
  • Leaf removal prevents suffocation and killing of grass areas due to continued rain on a yard with leaf build up
  • It is important to remove leaves before mowing to keep acidity levels low and promote a healthier lawn