Landscape Bed Maintenance

If your property has extensive landscaping requiring maintenance beyond your level of expertise or availability then Superior Lawn is the right lawn company for you.  We have years of experience maintaining the most elaborate landscaping and beds.  Many of our customers have invested time and money designing their property’s landscaping and use our services exclusively for all the required ongoing maintenance.  You can trust Superior Lawn to keep your landscaping well maintained and avoid detoriation of its beauty or value.

What is included with Landscape Bed Maintenance


  • Trimming of hedges, perennials, and shrubs
  • Removal of diseased, damaged, or dead branches
  • We will blow all clippings or trimmings from beds and dispose of them properly
  • Flower installations, flower removal, and mulching


Why you need Landscape Bed Maintenance


  • Proper trimming will rejuvenate growth of shrubs
  • With our experience, we know how to determine the right amount of growth to trim
  • We base all our estimates on actual measured areas of your landscape beds
  • Estimates are always free
  • Preventing overgrown shrubs will help deter burglars from targeting your property