Irrigation Maintenance

Proper maintenance of your irrgation system is critical to effectively watering your lawn and optimizing its growth and use of any weed control or fertilization that has been applied.  Simply installing an irrigation system for your lawn does not automatically ensure the best results however.  Our professionals have a strong working knowledge of all types of irrigation systems and know how to optimize them for effective waterings of your yard and flower beds.  Contacty us to let Superior Lawn monitor and maintain your system in combination with the other services we provide.

What is included with Irrigation Maintenance


  • Quarterly check up of irrigation system
  • Check for broken or obstructed sprinkler heads and repair them when necessary
  • Clean and adjust sprinkler heads when needed
  • Reset settings on irrigation controller when needed


Why you need Irrigation Maintenance


  • Ensuring proper watering levels and timing typically saves money on water usage
  • Adjust watering so that lawn receives proper watering all seasons of the year
  • Strengthen growth of turf grass and avoid fungus or diseases related to improper watering
  • Prevent dry dead spots in lawn with properly set sprinkler heads
  • Prevent weeds that thrive in poorly irrigated lawns from invading