Grub Control

GrubOur grub control treatments can help protect your lawn from harmful worms and other pests that feed on them.  If your yard is suffering from patches of dead or dying grass spots, then you may have experienced damage from grub worms.  Affected grass can appear brown and wilted, may look burned, or may roll away from the soil very easily.  Grub worm damage is usually worst in April and May when grubs come to the soil’s surface again in September and October before they head back down.  Superior Lawn has extensive experience controlling grub worm damage and recommends use of our grub control treatments three times a year.

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What is included with Grub Control Service

  • Application of professional quality pest control to kill grub worms and larvae
  • Three recommended applications per year during early spring, start of Summer and start of Fall
  • Long lasting grub control due to exclusively use of Merit which lasts for 6 months per application


Why you need Grub Control Service

  • We use commercial grade spreaders to spread the product evenly throughout lawn
  • Prevention of grub worms from eating roots of your grass and damaging your lawn
  • Deters moles and gophers from digging throughout yard and destroying lawn