Custom Year-Round Maintenance

This is where Superior Lawn’s one-stop lawn care gets its name!  We specialize in creating a comprehensive custom plan for your property so that all the maintenance your yard requires is handled by our technicians.  Unlike the other services, we do it all.  Combine and bundle any service that you require as a part of your plan and receive one simple monthly bill.

Have one of our lawn technicians evalute your lawn and we will recommend what services to include in your year-round plan.  If you are looking for a lawn care company that will do everything, look no more, this is the service for you!

What is included with a Custom Year-Round Maintenance Plan


  • One of our lawn technicians will evaluate your lawn and make recommendations for custom maintenance
  • Build your own custom maintenance plan for your lawn with only the services you want performed
  • Include any combination of all of our services for a complete lawn care program unique for your property


Why you need a Custom Year-Round Maintenance Plan


  • This is your ticket to hassle-free service, we worry about all the maintenance, you just enjoy your lawn
  • Predictable billing, all services for the year can be spread out into even monthly payments
  • Financially affordable approach as opposed to requesting all the same services on an ad hoc basis