Core Aeration & Overseeding


Superior Lawn has the equipment and proper experience to aerate your lawn and jump start its growth.  We believe in using the more effective core aeration technique instead of the spiking technique.  If your lawn is suffering from soil compaction or excessive thatch build up then aeration of your yard can help.

Many homeowners request this service annually and believe it is one of the secrets to the overall health and beauty of their lawns.  This service is very typical for yards with cool season grasses such as fescue.  If you believe your yard can benefit from this type of service then contact us to learn more.

Core Aeration & Overseeding Service

  • Thorough and even core aeration of your lawn going in North, South, East, and West directions
  • Exclusive use of the more effective core aeration method instead of the spiking method
  • We will overseed fescue lawns in combination with the aeration service


Why you need Core Aeration & Overseeding

  • We use commercial quality core aeration equipment
  • Relieves soil compaction and enhances thatch breakdown
  • Reduces water runoff and occurrence of puddles
  • Improved air exchange between soil and atmosphere
  • Allows grass to grow deeper roots and make better use of water and fertilization
  • Stonger root growth will improve lawn’s resilency to stress from heat and drought